The Client 

Our Sunday Visitor is the largest English language Catholic publisher in the world, with over 1800 textbooks, parish resources and trade books in print. OSV is also the largest manufacturer of church offering envelopes in the world, printing several hundred million offering envelopes a year. The publisher has tripled in size in the last ten years.

The Unfulfilled Need

OSV became an Advantage client in 1990 for its subscription and book sales operations. Over the years, an already positive relationship built on trust, confidence and integrity grew to be even stronger. When OSV needed a completely new management and production system for their envelope division, they went looking for a partner to develop it. However, since offering envelope manufacturing is not a common operation, they couldn’t find a development partner experienced in creating such systems. When they knew they would have to start from scratch, they wanted a company that they could depend on, and one that did top-quality work. And they found it in their own backyard: AdvantageCS. 

The Partnership

Although envelope manufacturing may seem to have little in common with subscription management and book sales, AdvantageCS hit the ground running since they were already familiar with the OSV organization and business methods. The massive project spanned 4 years, but as it progressed, the team worked together more and more almost as one company. 

The Result

It was a huge undertaking, but the result was an unqualified success. Today, the envelope system continues to be reliable and provides significant efficiencies and flexibility over the previous system. “We prize our relationship with AdvantageCS highly,” says Frank Thomas, Executive Director of IT. “There is a deep level of trust and partnership there, and, after the envelope development project, a confidence that we can depend on them for whatever we may need.”