A Truly Global Company

The UK office of CDS Global handles the operations and manages consumer interactions for dozens of media companies. This wide scope creates complex needs. CDS Global chose Advantage as their new subscription platform in 2009. Since then, their business has evolved significantly in response to widespread industry changes and unique challenges (including a global pandemic). 

Changing Needs

As the publishing industry continues to shift and expand, CDS Global has had to increase its offerings to meet clients’ requirements and needed the system to develop with them and meet the evolving needs of the industry. Advantage has done so in numerous areas including management of global multi-currency multi-lingual businesses, increases in the range of payment methods offered with a bias towards recurring subscription models, increases in print to digital migrations, huge increases in eCommerce and affiliate activity, the move towards increased bundling of products and the introduction of memberships incorporating a greater range of service offerings.

“With the system handling both print and digital subscriptions, plus bundles and single items purchases, Advantage provides our clients with the ability to offer a wide range of products and services to their customers.” says Mark Judd, Managing Director of CDS Global in the UK. In particular, “the ability to bundle print and digital items into packages has been fundamental to us supporting our clients’ subscriptions strategies as they seek to monetize digital and further extend the life of print. It has been beneficial in many ways, particularly with the synchronization of subscription terms with revenue and liability allocation and the tax management across bundled products.” 

A Long-Standing Partnership

“AdvantageCS has been a trusted and valued partner of CDS Global during the last decade, providing support and guidance both operationally and from a strategic perspective. Our teams see the AdvantageCS team as an extension of CDS Global. Where technical solutions are not obvious, there is always a willingness to explore alternative solutions to meet our needs and collaborate on projects and initiatives,” explains Mark. “When differences do arise, we work together to find mutually agreeable solutions and they are always open to any new ideas and suggestions we, or our clients, may have.” 

The Result

Since deploying Advantage, CDS Global migrated existing clients, added new clients and continues to develop new products and services to support them. “Advantage has given us a strong platform to support our existing clients as they grow, and to attract new clients to CDS Global” says Mark. “The international features and capabilities supporting multi-language, tax and currencies have been particularly helpful in enabling us to work with new media clients in Europe and Asia.”