Growth Over the Years

The American Medical Association (AMA) was founded in 1847. When Advantage joined the scene in 1997, the AMA was publishing the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), American Medical News (since closed), and 7 journals for various medical specialists.

Since then, the AMA has grown to publish 12 distinct journals, along with books, DVDs, and resources for continuing medical education. With over 270,000 members, the AMA has grown to support and educate medical professionals across the world. 

A Changing Business Model

The AMA has evolved significantly since its partnership with AdvantageCS began. The organization has shifted from a 100% domestic business to an international one, added their “online-only” option to subscribers and developed the JAMA Network, which offers readers fully integrated online access to its specialty journals. AMA launched JAMA Network Open, an online-only, open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed medical research. They’ve also released another open access journal devoted to health policy – JAMA Health Forum.

Consistent Adaptability

As the AMA has continued to grow and change, Advantage has developed its platform to meet the AMA’s needs. When the AMA was working to adapt to online-based revenue recognition, which was distinct from the previous print-based issue model, Advantage provided a solution which allows the AMA to charge for purely time-based access to content.

Since then, Advantage has matched each step of the AMA’s progress with steady precision. Notably, the AMA migrated all international subscribers and outsourced services to Advantage and implemented major functionality. Most recently, a major project was completed: developing a system to track and process the re-credentialing of medical professionals, using the Advantage platform. 

Advantage’s vast API has also opened possibilities for the AMA, and they use it extensively. Their integration layer will soon be REST from end-to-end, with the goal of moving all web-based interaction to that service layer. 

Joe Wixted, current Manager of Fulfillment Systems at JAMA Network, reports that “Advantage is a first-rate company--dependable and a pleasure to work with.” Joe goes on to explain: “Advantage does everything we need. It’s a great product. In the recent past, we’ve seen AdvantageCS become even more agile than in prior years. We are really satisfied with the software. When we find ourselves stretching its capabilities and need something more, Advantage works with us to build it.”


As the AMA has grown and developed, AdvantageCS has been there every step of the way, with consistent support and adaptations to meet their evolving needs.