Advantage allows you to seamlessly manage your eBooks, one-shots, packages, and subscriptions, as well as the activities of your customers. You may sell them as one-shots or in various continuity programs, repeat orders, book clubs and series, or standing orders.

Below is a sampling of the comprehensive functionality Advantage brings to book and product sales:

  • Powerful campaign and promotion management
  • Flexible pricing and discounting, including freight cost calculations
  • Affinity programs (frequent buyer points, gift certificates)
  • Detailed premium management
  • Comprehensive billing management
  • Support of the recording and transmission of ONIX (ONline Information eXchange) metadata 
  • Extensive order processing capability, including pre-publication orders and pro-formas
  • Exceptional customer service resources, including upselling and cross-selling
  • Inventory control and warehouse management, including shipment tracking
  • Complete package/kit/bundling functionality
  • Multi-currency support
  • Sophisticated credit management and payment application (Extensive discounting structures, including volume and promotion discounts and assorting)
  • Flexible corporate structure and business unit designation

Retail Sales

Advantage supports your retail sales, whether to the consumer, business, or academic markets. Features include:

  • Returns management
  • EDI
  • "License plating"
  • Back-order management
  • Warehouse control
  • Standing order sales


Advantage clients include many textbook publishers who make use of the pertinent features of our software, including:

  • Adoption tracking
  • Preview orders
  • Sales rep commission management
  • Contract pricing
  • Royalty management

Continuity Programs

Rounding out the book and product capabilities of Advantage are two full-featured and flexible continuity programs: Book Club and Standing Order. Book Club involves a series of products established at the outset, and customers receive the series in a particular order (though there is flexibility) regardless of when they join the series/club. Standing Order allows customers to receive products as they become available, so all customers in the program receive the same product at the same time.