• You are a publisher of one or more of the following: digital or print magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, data, eBooks, or print books.
  • You need your system to manage one or more of the following: subscriptions, membership, donations, consortia sales, entitlements, packages and bundles, conferences and events, book clubs, standing orders, commissions, royalties, or telesales.
  • You market multiple offerings to the same audience and building customer loyalty is crucial for you.
  • Your marketers need immediate execution of their eCommerce promotions.
  • Your business rules are unique and perhaps complex.
Digital and print newspapers
Subscriptions Management Platform

  • The lifetime value of your average customer is high.
  • You need to integrate with other applications seamlessly and are looking for an open API. 
  • Your environment is multi-product, multi-currency, multi-lingual or multi-local.
  • You need to plan, track and analyze sophisticated marketing campaigns, down to the offer level.
  • You need a true 360° view of your customers' activities.  

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