Automation and assistance — what could be easier?

AdvantageCS spends about 60,000 hours on software development each year. This includes new features and functionality, technology optimizations and interface enhancements. These enhancements are made available each year in an annual release, however, new feature updates are offered monthly throughout the year. Clients can choose to update as frequently as every month or can opt to roll in the latest features less often, such as once or twice a year.

We develop Advantage in such a way that all modifications to the base software are easily upgradable. When it comes time to download the latest updates, the base software installed at a client site is brought forward to the latest Advantage release through an automated upgrade program. This allows clients to focus on the new features and functionality being delivered, rather than the process of how to get there.

Members of the Advantage services team are experts in helping clients implement the latest updates to the software. Along with helping clients get on the latest release, the team is able to assist clients with leveraging the countless new features that are introduced with each update.

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