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6 Reasons Why You Might Need the Advantage Book Club Module

Different Subscription Models

The word “subscription” can represent different concepts depending on the business context. This could be a weekly magazine delivery, a 12-month offer of monthly shipments of a fixed set of items, access to online content for 6 months, or a box of items shipped and charged to your credit card every 3 months. Advantage has multiple modules to support various subscription business models, one of which is Book Club! The Book Club module is geared toward continuity programs delivering products to customers on a regular cadence, with flexible configuration options for all aspects of the customer experience.

What Makes the Advantage Book Club Module Different?

So how does an Advantage book club membership differ from a typical issue-based (e.g., 12 issues sent monthly) or time-based (e.g., access to published content for 1 year) option? Here are some highlights of what sets Book Club apart.

  1. Offer more shipment frequency options to your customers. Your advertised default may be to ship monthly, but your customer wants to be charged and shipped on the 15th of every other month.

  2. Reduce the number of returned unwanted shipments by requiring the customer to respond to notification prior to generating their next order (positive option). Alternatively, send notifications to customers prior to creating their next order, allowing them to cancel if they so choose (negative option).

  3. Allow unsatisfied customers to choose the future products they want and the order in which they want to receive them. If a customer is returning a lot of the products from a series, this could be a great customer service save option.

  4. Ensure customers are not accidentally enrolling in a product series of the same content but in a different format. For example, you may have products geared toward golf enthusiasts, available in regular and large print. Product series codes support defining conflicts so an order can be blocked, and a customer isn’t inadvertently charged for the content they are already receiving. You also have the ability to automatically push the customer into a related series if they’ve selected a conflicting option.

  5. Promote free gifts as a way to extend enrollment in a series with premium set chains. Customers can “complete the set” of premiums by receiving all sequences of the chain, for example.

  6. Vary contents of shipments in the same sequence within a series to more effectively deplete your remaining inventory.

Encourage customers to enroll in your clubs and use the Advantage Book Club module to keep them engaged with your content! 

For more information, contact your AdvantageCS representative.

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