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Advantage Academy 2023: A Learning Success

The third Advantage Academy was held virtually throughout November and was another successful training event for our valued clients. With 55 attendees from 14 different client companies, the Academy provided a comprehensive learning experience covering a range of essential topics to provide a deeper understanding of Advantage. 

Initially envisioned as an in-person event, the Advantage Academy team made a strategic decision to keep it as a virtual format in response to the evolving needs of our clients. This decision proved to be highly beneficial, allowing the Academy to more easily accommodate a worldwide audience.

The Advantage Academy provided a diverse range of courses designed for various skill levels and interests. Attendees had the opportunity to dive into beginner and advanced Advantage-centric topics covering event-driven workflows, data selections, upload framework, REST API, integration techniques, and platform operations. Each course was led by experienced AdvantageCS instructors:

  • Claire Stetten (data selections - beginner)
  • Matt Rees (data selections - advanced)
  • Eric Burbeck (event-driven workflows - beginner)
  • Daryl Vautour (event-driven workflows - advanced / platform operations)
  • Alan Cherney (integration techniques / REST API)
  • Doug Moore (upload framework - beginner)
  • John Sheehy (upload framework - advanced)

Courses offered various elements including slide decks, demonstrations, and a set of follow-up exercises with an AdvantageCS-hosted sandbox environment to use. Great questions were asked along the way, and it was evident based on early feedback that it was helpful to many who needed the Academy experience. We often hear from our user community that our clients rely on the Academy to get enough knowledge and confidence to implement a new Advantage feature, while others simply need to expand their use of the feature set.

The Director of Client Services, Doug Moore, had this to say: 

“The Academy has been a great way for our clients to easily and quickly soak up Advantage knowledge. We’ve already heard from participants that it was informative and helpful as they were able to learn a lot over the two-week course schedule. As we wrap up another Advantage Academy, our hope is that many of the features are now more accessible and that many will have walked away with something new to add to their toolbox. We have already seen some of the concepts spark ideas at clients that have turned into larger follow-up discussions for important business-oriented objectives.”

Overall, the Advantage Academy proved to be a resounding success, providing valuable learning opportunities for our clients. With a focus on engagement and continuous improvement, the Academy continues to be a valuable resource for those wanting to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Advantage. 

A big thanks to all the participants and staff that participated in this outstanding event!

Stay tuned for the next Advantage Academy. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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