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How AdvantageCS Increases Employee Retention

Tech companies are known for high employee turnover. According to a LinkedIn report, the tech and media industry has the second-highest turnover rate at 12.9%, based on their particular categorization. However, here at AdvantageCS, the average tenure is 14.5 years. Within this article, we’ll describe some of the things we do to contribute to that and perhaps give you some ideas to improve employee retention within your organization. 

Building Employee Engagement

Here at AdvantageCS, we highly encourage employee engagement because it creates an atmosphere that goes beyond the typical work routine. Here are some of the things we’ve developed over the years which help increase employee engagement, in no particular order of importance:

  • Wallyball: Every week we have a Wallyball game in our indoor racquetball court. (Wallyball is played like volleyball but using the walls of the court.) During the summer, we host a Wallyball tournament where 4 to 6 teams of employees face off every week creating friendly competition.  

  • Company Outings: Each summer, we have an annual company outing that provides a chance for employees to connect and bond outside of the office. In the past few years, we have visited the Detroit Zoo, had a picnic at one of the local Metro Parks, and attended a Detroit Tigers baseball game. These shared experiences create lasting memories, strengthen teamwork, and create a more positive work environment. 

Hudson Mills Metro Park

  • Volunteer Work: We engage in volunteer work such as participating in the Life Remodeled service project where a team of employees came together to beautify a neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. We also hold an annual fundraiser for Hope Clinic, a non-profit that provides free medical, dental, and behavioral health services to those in need.

Life Remodeled Service Project

  • Mental Health Awareness: We’ve created a designated mental break space equipped with tools like journals, coloring books, puzzles, and mind games that allow employees to destress, recharge, and engage with others. Additionally, we host a photo contest every summer, Advantage Adventures, to encourage employees to take time off and share their favorite vacation pictures. 

Advantage Adventures Photo Contest Winner

  • Employee Recognition: We take employee recognition extremely seriously here at AdvantageCS. Each month, we have our company-wide meeting where we acknowledge work anniversaries and other significant milestones such as celebrating weddings, birth of children, or completing a degree or certification. Also, we implement monthly accolades to congratulate employees for their hard work on a specific project, alongside kudos awards exchanged between employees and clients, creating a culture of appreciation.   

  • Social Events: We organize regular events in the office such as cookouts, tailgates, and holiday activities, creating an atmosphere where employees can engage and connect in an informal.

  • Professional Development Opportunities: At AdvantageCS, we believe that creating growth opportunities not only benefits employees but also enhances employee retention and workplace satisfaction. A study found that if a company provides ongoing training it's likely to retain 76% of its employees. We encourage our staff members to pursue certifications, such as ones through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Microsoft. Additionally, we encourage our employees to take other classes such as Dale Carnegie courses which are designed to develop leadership and communication skills to inspire and motivate others.

  • Creating a Strong Connection: During the pandemic, we wanted to ensure our employees felt connected even though we couldn’t be in the office. So, we implemented weekly team meetings that allowed for open communication, updates on one another, and team collaboration. Although we’re back in the office, we still have our weekly team meetings in place so we can feel connected. 

Bringing Values to Life

Our vision and values are more than just a slogan; they’re our guiding principles that shape our decisions and actions, through every aspect of our company. Studies indicate that approximately 21.6% of employee satisfaction within an organization can be attributed to its culture and values, and this rate only increases for higher incomes. The culture at AdvantageCS incorporates a genuine team approach to projects and activities that involves everyone contributing collaboratively with a focus on the shared goal. 

Employee Testimonials

See what our employees have to say about what makes AdvantageCS a great place: 

“The culture that has evolved in our company over its history is unique. It’s one of collaboration, cooperation, integrity, hard work, and serving our clients well. It’s attractive. Visiting prospects and potential new employees are often amazed at how friendly everyone is and how at home they feel.” Dan Heffernan, Vice President & Chief Product Manager
"High turnover is expensive for employers since it takes time and money to train new employees. Our company spends extra money on excellent benefits for the employees (great healthcare benefits, low-cost lunches available to employees, on-site daycare, to name a few) in order to retain them. Add to that a culture that invites camaraderie, and it's hard to find elsewhere." - Molly Mathe, Technical Analyst
“People spend a large proportion of their lives with their coworkers and in the environment where they work.  It’s important that the culture in a workplace is one where people want to be, even looking forward to being a part of it each morning.  Building a culture of collaboration, positive relationships, and common goals in serving our clients has been a real achievement.” - Bryan Varblow, Vice President of Operations

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