Aug 11, 2022
Kelly Grace

Hope Clinic Fundraiser Success

Last month, we held our 12th annual fundraiser for Hope Clinic, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing free medical, dental, and behavioral health services, plus food, eye exams, baby items, and laundry services to those in need. Hope Clinic is one of the highest-rated charities in the nation on Charity Navigator, with one of the most comprehensive menus of free services in the state of Michigan. Last year alone, the clinic met more than 60,000 requests for integrated care. 

AdvantageCS has a deep relationship with the organization because our Vice President & Chief Product Manager, Dan Heffernan’s father, Dr. Dan Heffernan, founded Hope Clinic in 1982. We are thrilled to support Hope Clinic’s incredible work with a donation of $18,100 (which comprises employee contributions and company matching funds). We look forward to seeing Dr. Heffernan’s vision come to life for many years to come.

Thank you, Hope Clinic, for the essential work you do!

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