We're here to help you with your implementation project, develop custom modifications, offer training on any Advantage functionality or send our experts to consult with you on everything from system performance to update plans to how to use Advantage most efficiently. Then there's our Support Center---available 24/7 for whatever assistance you may need.  

Software Modifications

We invest 60,000 hours each year to develop software enhancements and modifications. The majority of this development is client-driven, either through requests from user-group meetings and forums, or from a client with a particular need.  

Our software offers unmatched flexibility, but if you encounter a requirement that isn’t covered, our development team can design and program it for you.

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Starting with implementation, we make sure your people have the training they need to effectively and efficiently manage Advantage. From formal classroom-style lessons to one-on-one coaching and webinars, Advantage experts conduct training in a way that fits your needs. Our flexibility allows us to conduct new-user, advanced-user, and refresher courses at your site or ours.

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Advantage Support Center 

Support requests may be submitted via the AdvantageCS website, email, telephone, or even fax. When submitting support requests, our clients assign a priority level to the task. All Priority Level 1 tasks are addressed immediately.

The Support Center communicates with the User Community via email in the form of "customer alerts," which share information that may impact client operations. On the Client Support webpage, we maintain a list of recent alerts and provide keyword search capability across the Advantage knowledge base.Our Support Center staff conducts webinars on popular topics, including new features available in each release. And, of course, customized onsite training and consulting are always available.

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AdvantageCS provides extensive consulting services

Consulting Services

Advantage experts are available to help you in many areas of your business, including:

  • Setting up your system for optimum effectiveness
  • Advising you on the best hardware and network configuration
  • Selecting third-party vendors and integrating their products with Advantage

Our account managers conduct operations reviews to help you discover applicable Advantage features or modules you might not be using. With this knowledge, they can show you how to use Advantage more effectively and efficiently.

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Integrate Advantage with Your Website

Our eCommerce and enterprise integration specialists can help you create an integrated website or multiple websites for your business. Our staff will work with your team in whatever capacity you need, from consulting on back-end web programming to designing your website from the ground up. This ensures your site will be seamlessly meshed with your Advantage database.