• Feb 7, 2023
  • Climbing the Paywall

    I remember well the first time I seriously faced the topic of paywalls: it was in 2012 at a large regional newspaper prospect. Sitting in a conference room with about 12 people, a small group of 3 …
    Jan 23, 2023
  • Publishing Trends of 2022

    Since my last Publishing Trends post in 2020, many of the trends described then continue in spite of the COVID disruption. Digital subscription growth, print decline, publisher struggles with GAFA/ …
    Dec 20, 2022
  • Publishing Trends Leading Into 2022

    Supply Chain Issues ContinuePrint publishing is one of the many markets to be hit with continuing supply chain issues sparked by the global pandemic. Asia prints much of the world’s books in color, …
    Dec 14, 2021
  • Sep 16, 2019
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