The Advantage Users Group

Frequent, in-depth communication with clients is a fundamental principle at AdvantageCS. The Advantage Users Group meets at least once a year---both in the U.S. and Europe---and a key agenda item involves priorities for future development. The vast majority of new features and functionality in Advantage are client-driven. A constructive and positive atmosphere pervades the conference.

Read about last year's conference in New Orleans in February. Information about the next European meeting will be published soon. 

Management Roundtables

Advantage Client Executive Roundtable

In addition to the Advantage Users Group meetings, AdvantageCS hosts Management Roundtables every other year, both in the U.S. and Europe. In these meetings, executives from client companies convey their vision for the future of their companies; then, the group discusses how AdvantageCS and Advantage can help them achieve their goals.

Read about the executive roundtable that took place in February.

The Advantage Community

The Advantage user community is a close-knit one, whose members are constantly networking with each other and often with AdvantageCS. It’s not uncommon for Advantage clients in the same industry to collaborate on software enhancements that will benefit them both.   

Within AdvantageCS, there is a permanent committee---called Visioneering---that meets twice a month with the sole purpose of ensuring that AdvantageCS software and services are moving in the same direction as the industry and our clients.

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