AdvantageCS eCommerce platform called Cider


AdvantageCS offers a fully integrated eCommerce platform called Cider. Cider is a feature-rich eCommerce platform that includes powerful shopping cart and self-service capabilities, a marketing portal for marketers to create and assign promotions, a flexible administration portal for customizing the look and feel of the site, and built-in support for third-party plug-ins. Cider shares the same business logic engine as Advantage, which means it has access to the thousands of Advantage features--sophisticated subscription models, access and authentication for entitlement management, creative promotional offers, varied payment/billing options, and comprehensive self-service features to name a few.

The platform is also designed with key architectural considerations: security, scalability, and extensibility. Clients can create their own themes, extend the existing functionality, and build new functionality.

While the platform is designed to empower clients with the ability to develop their own sites, ACS recognizes that this may not be the best model for all clients. ACS offers wide-ranging web development services, from assistance implementing Cider to consulting and training client web developers how to integrate with our software. Additional services include website rebuilds, web application security, access and authentication integration, single-sign-on techniques, and custom website applications.

Enterprise Integration

The Advantage application sits at the center of the IT ecosphere for AdvantageCS clients. It acts as the central hub for nearly all data-related activity--sales transactions, financial data, customer data, analytics, customer service notes, product information, marketing efforts, etc. However, its clients deploy other systems within their architecture with many requiring an integration with Advantage. ACS offers a flexible integration strategy through its variety of integration options.

AdvantageCS experienced engineers offer web and integration services

  • API – comprehensive access to the Advantage engine for system integration (Java, C#, SOAP, REST)
  • Workflow events – event-driven framework where events are subscribed to then actions configured
  • Extensibility framework – abstracted set of Advantage interfaces that can be implemented by through web services (e.g., taxation and credit card processing)
  • Data warehouse feeds – data feeds in customized output formats created as transactions are processed

In addition to these strategies, the ACS enterprise integration team has extensive experience consulting with clients on third-party integrations and can assist in implementing those integrations. These systems range from content management system integration to business intelligence system integration.