Conference and Event Management

Many Advantage clients conduct conferences and other events for their customers. Advantage handles the registration, invoicing, and informational tracking for these events, and seamlessly integrates this data with other customer activity.   

You can link conference sessions to presenters and track attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and hotel room bookings. In addition, session attendees can earn continuing education credits. Advantage supports pre-conference sessions and guest sessions, while flexible pricing allows you to charge different amounts for the first attendee, second attendee, and so on. It also enables you to offer variable early, on-time, and late registration fees and cancellation terms. 

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Business Intelligence

Sharp businesses know that an all-inclusive Business Intelligence (BI) system more than pays for itself. BI is the fuel that powers informed decisions, and the more adaptable and extensible the system is, the more value it has. 

Advantage offers a complete, industry-standard BI system, which includes: 

  • A separate data warehouse
  • An OLAP cube for reporting
  • Pivot-table report templates

The system is easily navigable, accommodates custom data, isolates the reporting and operational databases, and can serve as an enterprise warehouse.

Benefits of the Advantage BI System

Your data is already organized for straightforward analysis and stored in a separate data mart. The data is structured around the measures and dimensions you need, and summarized data is efficiently presented. There’s no need for users to know field names or codes. You can access reports on demand via a SharePoint website, or they can be delivered via email. Reports can also be interactive, enabling users to explore combinations of dimensions, drill down to deep detail or jump to related reports. 

You don’t need to know the Advantage data structure to create or view eye-catching reports of key business metrics from your browser. You can also interactively explore the details contributing to those metrics using one of the many pivot tables packaged with BI in Advantage. 

Orders and Payments

Flexibility is a keynote of the Advantage order entry process. 

  • Scripted and customizable order entry screens
  • Quick orders
  • Combined orders
  • Packages, bundles and kits
  • Pro-formas
  • Promotion line selection
  • Preview orders
  • Online real-time credit card processing
  • Payment options including direct debit, real-time payments and PayPal
  • Comprehensive billing management
  • Sophisticated pricing and discounting options
  • Easy uploading of outside orders or other information 

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Single Sign-On

Most companies have more than one application requiring user authentication, such as eCommerce sites, self-service portals, content sites on multiple platforms and mobile applications such as iPhone apps. Advantage Single Sign-On allows a user to sign in one time to gain access to all of them. It’s a flexible, cloud-based SaaS solution that centralizes all access control systems with an administration portal that allows you to easily integrate your own applications.

Users will be happy because they only need to remember one user name and one password. Plus, SSO provides enhanced security, and easier maintenance by your technical staff.

For more details, read the SSO whitepaper.

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Advantage’s teleservices functionality helps you sell your company's products and services over the phone. Teleservices provides:

  • Powerful selection ability for creating call lists through integration with renewals, billing, and marketing efforts based on customer activity (such as participation lists and event attendance, product purchase, etc.)
  • The ability to assign (and reassign) calls to sales representatives---manually or logically
  • A 360-degree view of a customer’s activity, which allows reps to better know their prospects’ interests and deal with service issues
  • Support for the sale through script and configurable information displays, enabling customer service issues to be identified and addressed during the call (adjust subscriptions, accept payments, etc.)
  • The ability to record orders of subscribed content, books or other products, conferences and events, etc.  You can adjust entry fields to your operations. Orders are recorded in the normal production order tables and available for processing as soon as entered
  • Both inbound and outbound calls with callback control
  • Detailed call outcome reporting and analysis