powerful business intelligence in Advantage

Sharp businesses know that an all-inclusive Business Intelligence (BI) system more than pays for itself. BI is the fuel that powers informed decisions, and the more adaptable and extensible the system is, the more value it has. 

Advantage offers a complete, industry-standard BI system, which includes: 

  • A separate data warehouse
  • An OLAP cube for reporting
  • Pivot-table report templates

The system is easily navigable, accommodates custom data, isolates the reporting and operational databases, and can serve as an enterprise warehouse.

Benefits of the Advantage BI System

Your data is already organized for straightforward analysis and stored in a separate data mart. The data is structured around the measures and dimensions you need, and summarized data is efficiently presented. There’s no need for users to know field names or codes. You can access reports on demand via a SharePoint website, or they can be delivered via email. Reports can also be interactive, enabling users to explore combinations of dimensions, drill down to deep detail or jump to related reports. 

You don’t need to know the Advantage data structure to create or view eye-catching reports of key business metrics from your browser. You can also interactively explore the details contributing to those metrics using one of the many pivot tables packaged with BI in Advantage.