Single customer view

Helping you offer excellent customer service is at the heart of Advantage. The single customer record is the source of all customer interactions, behavior, and contacts. A 360-degree view of all customer activity---as well as RFM scoring and all response, order, and payment information in one place---enables you to provide your clients with the very best customer service.

Powerful customer service transactions

Your reps can quickly handle requests to adjust services, handle claims, replace issues, research a question, etc. The contact is qualified and logged, and a standard (or customized) response is then sent to the customer by email, mail, or text. Follow-ups can be scheduled.

Integration with your phone system gives customer service a 360-degree view of customer activity as they pick up the call, and an upsell feature helps them promote products targeted to that customer.

Flexible views

With its customizable ribbon, selectable columns and scriptable views, you can adjust the agent’s user interface to fit each one’s needs. You can create customer service workflows with view settings organized by call reason to streamline the interaction with your clients.

Online customer care

Our API and our Cider eCommerce & self-service platform enable your customers to subscribe or purchase products, change addresses, renew, suspend or cancel subscriptions, manage access to digital content or initiate a claim.

Integrations with your ecosystem

Advantage is integrated with Salesforce and with MS Dynamics. It also offers many ways to connect with specific customer service tools to provide a smooth experience for your agents.