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Meet Abbi Hackbardt: Newest Product Development Team Member

We are excited to introduce Abbi Hackbardt, the newest member of our Product Development team led by Paul Sauter. Abbi’s impressive skills and vibrant personality make her an invaluable asset to AdvantageCS! 

Abbi grew up in South Lyon, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan, where she graduated this year with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. She initially considered other career paths, such as teaching or nursing, but she became interested in computer science after seeing how her friends were passionate about their classes. Abbi realized that computer science was a field she was passionate about and that she could see herself pursuing as a career. 

Before joining AdvantageCS full-time, Abbi had the opportunity to intern with us last year. She gained valuable experience and got a sense of the exciting work culture. In addition to her internship, she worked in various retail positions, including American Eagle. However, her positive internship experience, the inclusive team environment, and fun activities such as wallyball and work outings attracted her to the position.

Abbi is excited to be working on a new Advantage UI project, which will greatly help streamline AdvantageCS' internal workflows. Creating a user-friendly interface to support some of the most sophisticated business transactions and innovative ways for users to interact with Advantage.

Outside of work, Abbi enjoys spending time with her friends and family, playing video games, particularly the classic Crash Team Racing with her sister Amanda, and dancing. She is a choreographer and dance teacher for young children at a studio in Michigan. Fun fact, during her internship last year, Abbi was part of the winning team for Wallyball! 

Welcome, Abbi, to the AdvantageCS family!

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